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“Our consultants are MICROSOFT CERTIFIED in Database Administration, Database Systems Engineer and CISCO qualified network engineers.”

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Digitech Confidential

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Digitech Confidential, provides you with a high-quality experience which is professional, confidential and most importantly, client-centric. We specialise in consulting and advising on improving and enhancing various aspects related to the electronic administration surrounding your business. Our specialist areas of expertise include:

  • GDPR Compliance and Administration
  • Data Security and Management
  • Digital Archiving and Cloud Storage
  • Confidential Document Disposal

If your business creates and manages a lot of paperwork and administrative tasks, including the handling of client and customer information and contact details, the new GDPR legislation will be highly relevant to you and needs review and adherence. The consequences can at its extreme, include a fine for your business of up to 4% of your annual income.

Our expert team is here to help guide and support you through all processes and our consultant(s) will work with you side-by-side to improve efficiency, improve current practice and ensure compliance with all rules, regulations and new legislations.

We know how difficult running a business can be, especially when you are responsible for several members of staff. Our flexible working pattern allows us to adjust and work around you, we can meet on-site to minimise your travelling and workload disruption or even arrange virtual meetings for updates and ad-hoc meetings.