Data security is a major problem for most businesses and organisations Digitech Confidential provides comprehensive data security solutions that enable your organisation to safely use, share and store data anywhere. Our data security solutions can help you meet your data protection and security compliance.

Users need to recognise that they must develop a total set of information security policies and practices. The guidelines can assist in the steps to be taken - but these must be done and implemented. The identity management, antivirus and firewall considerations must come further into the network, not just left on the periphery.

Applications accessing data resources need to follow accepted routes. This relates to system changes, software updates and data movement as well as to application processes.


Data management processes are designed to keep systems operational.

Understanding how the system resources are being used, where the information is resident and what elements of the system are redundant are important steps in the process. This contributes to better information management.

Identifying possible weaknesses, completing an appropriate risk assessment and identifying the necessary actions is part of the Digitech Confidential service.

Implementing appropriate solutions will help organisations to minimise embarrassing information management practices. Information has a value. Respect this and protect the data. 

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