Digitech Confidential Archiving solutions are designed to help you move your valuable archive data from high cost data storage to a more cost-effective storage tier without risk, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you – your active production information.

With our archiving solutions, you can ensure that data retention, distribution, and security policies are flexibly applied across all content types with automatic data movement policies being applied where appropriate. The result is secure archived data at the lowest total cost.

We will carry out a data mapping exercise to audit your data journey. Once we start to assess the documents you have, you'll be surprised at how many of these can be discarded.

There is no point in scanning every piece of important paper you have if you just end up with hundreds or thousands of files in a single folder on your computer's hard drive or in your cloud storage space. You need to be able to locate a specific document in the future, so categorisation is a must.

Taking some time to manage your paper mountain will pay dividends later. You'll be able to reduce the quantities of paper you need to digitise and more importantly, have a great system to locate your files when you need them.


Data storage underpins all aspects of IT service delivery.  Digitech Confidential helps customers reduce complexity and cost across their storage environment, enhancing data protection and improving service levels.

It is this experience that allows us to help customers reduce risk, reduce cost and most importantly deliver improved services. Digitech Confidential work with technology from the world’s leading storage vendors. We give our customers true flexibility and offer solutions according to your business requirements.

Varies options are available for storage, access, sharing and collaboration. 

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